2015 International Year of Light

UNESCO and the United Nations have proclaimed 2015 the International Year of Light. All over the world activities are being organised to underline the importance of daylight in our daily activities.

Daylight makes us feel more energetic and more enthusiastic about our work, and creates a pleasant ambient atmosphere. Scientific research at leading universities has shown that this is also the case in schools and shops: shops with daylight were found to have higher turnovers. So all in all, daylight has an energising effect, making your customers feel happier and prompting them to spend more at your garden centre.

Transparency and daylight are key factors in the buildings that we build for you. This gives you a wonderful argument for luring customers into your garden centre. Away with gloom and Blue Monday; let’s give way to attractive daylight shops with high turnovers. Use this information to your benefit. We wish you profitable business this spring.

More information: http://www.iyl2015.nl/


Gezin blij met zonlicht klein

(Photo: website Bright Buildings: www.brightbuildings.eu)

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