How garden centres generate more turnover ‘from outdoors to indoors’ with the new outdoor experience: Open Sky

Your shop is ever more becoming a place that people visit to meet one another, shop and be entertained.  Such a formula offers plenty of turnover opportunities, with the UK being the leader in this respect, with garden centres that owe 30% of their turnover to catering while special events generate extra income. This way a garden centre acquires other public functions besides its retail function, raising the question how the available space can be exploited as efficiently as possible.


Thermoflor can now answer this question with its unique Open Sky solution, offering the possibility of alternating indoor and outdoor activities. We create light, welcoming areas of which both the roofs and the walls (Skywalls) automatically open to allow daylight and fresh air to flow naturally into the building. Such areas can be used in a multifunctional way – as a playing area for children, a farm shop, an outdoor patio for your catering facility or an orangery, or for the presentation of pet and flower shows, etc. And if the weather should deteriorate you can turn the entire outdoor area into an indoor area within 5 minutes. Customers enjoy the advantages of being outdoors in summer and the advantages of shelter in winter, encouraging them to spend more time at the garden centre, and also spend more money.


How your garden centre could also benefit from the five advantages of an Open Sky solution: iconen-open-sky-en-sky-wall-tuincentrum

  1. Maximum use and usability of the available space: new possibilities of welcoming more customers and generating more turnover. The available space can be multifunctionally used for all kinds of purposes.
  2. Ideal climate conditions: opening the roof creates natural ventilation. When the roof is closed the indoor climate is controlled in the same way as usual in your existing building. You will still be able to ventilate your garden centre if it’s raining and the roof can be insulated in different ways.
  3. Lengthens the season: the possibility of closing the roof and walls enables you to prolong the summer season into autumn and winter. The things you do outdoors in summer can be done indoors in winter.
  4. Makes your building and its look more professional: the Open Sky’s high-quality structure and finish give your building a professional look: there are no visible rack-and-pinion gears or loose vent sashes and the motor drive is integrated in the structure. You can choose from various differently shaped trusses that can be colour-coated. So all in all a showpiece to impress your customers.
  5. Return on investment: the different possibilities of increasing your turnover will enable you to earn back your investment quickly. The structure will moreover last for a long time and require little maintenance.


Are you ready to generate more turnover ‘from outdoors to indoors’?  We will gladly get together with you to discuss how your garden centre could benefit from Open Sky.

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