Thermoflor on tour

Follow the construction developments by Thermoflor at your fellow garden centres via our website or on social media. You are very welcome to take a look during the construction or the opening of these garden centres. Click on the garden centre of your choice for more background information:


Opening in autumn 2017:




Opening in spring 2018:

  • Gardest in Tartu, Estland
  • Coppelmans Nuenen
  • Intratuin Duiven 2nd phase
  • Daniels Vlodrop
  • Tuincentrum de Boet


The garden centre as a start-up

As an entrepreneur where do you start if you want to develop a new garden centre? Thermoflor gives you a helping hand.


In various European countries the garden centre market is not yet as mature as, for example, in The Netherlands or England. Start-up entrepreneurs sometimes do not know where to begin: what are the dos and, above all, what are the don’ts? This was the case for entrepreneur Raul Jeets from Estland. He came to the right place when he approached Thermoflor, and he was put in contact with sector specialists so that he could get off to a flying start. In spring 2018 he will be opening his brand-new business Gardest, and he has done all the necessary preparation on all fronts in the following areas:

  • market research
  • design of the building
  • layout advice
  • product purchasing
  • management training


In our next newsletter you can read an interview with the entrepreneur. What did he think of the collaboration?


Fewer than 70 days until the opening of the Green Trade Center

Over the last few months a lot of hard work has been carried out on the construction, and now on what was initially just a bare construction site in Aalsmeer there stands a large part of the new premises.


The new Green Trade Center will shortly house the largest product range in Europe:

  • 10,000 m2 of houseplants
  • 4,000 m2 of garden plants / arboriculture items
  • 3,500 m2 of accessories
  • 2,500 m2 of flowers.

Thermoflor is involved in the construction of ‘Het Huis van de Kweker’ (The Grower’s House), as Waterdrinker has named the showroom. Work started at the end of March and is now almost finished. Take a look at this construction update:


Huis van de Kweker
The construction of the trade centre, which measures around 30,000m2, has two purposes. Firstly, it will provide growers with the space to tout their wares in shop-in-shops, a concept that has been tested over the last two years and that appears to give a boost to individual sales. Secondly, Waterdrinker has been experiencing strong growth over the last few years.


Recreation sector discovers the possibilities of the Open Sky sliding roof

A holiday resort in the province of Gelderland (Eiland van Maurik) will no longer allow its guests’ holiday enjoyment to be affected by the changeable Dutch weather. This summer the resort built a special new swimming pool, where, regardless of the weather, guests can swim ‘indoors’ throughout the year with an ‘outdoor’ feel.


The sliding Open Sky sun roof and side walls, which can be opened and closed, are striking in their modern, transparent construction. These features allow the covered pool to be opened up in good weather. It is already clear from the first favourable guest reviews on social media that the new swimming pool can count on high ratings from visitors.


Bright Buildings, the sister company of Thermoflor for the recreation sector, was commissioned to carry out the work thanks to the clever design.

The system is the solution for indoor playgrounds, farm shops and catering facilities: areas where customers can enjoy the benefits of being outdoors in summer and shelter in  winter. The user-friendly system, which can be controlled using an app, can be transformed from indoors to outdoors in five minutes.

Learn more about this project and watch the inspiring video at the Bright Buildings website.