Where will you be finding inspiration this autumn?

A survey of inspiring ‘green’ fairs.


Cologne: Spoga Gafa (3-5 September)

At the Spoga Gafa, take a look at the EFSA’s Complete Concept Store in Hall 10. EFSA is the European Floral and Lifestyle Suppliers Association that is led by CAPI director Toine van de Ven: “EFSA encourages suppliers to raise each other to a higher level, with the ultimate outcome of better ranges at garden centres. “


Birmingham: Glee (11-13 September)

Creative members of our sector bring together trends in the new Retail Lab at the Glee. You’ll find the Retail Lab right next to Thermoflor’s stand, number 20-H-41.


Jönköping: Elmia (4-5 October)

For the past few years the Elmia Garden fair in the Swedish town of Jönköping has been a hot meeting point for members of our sector from all over northern Europe. Are you looking for a partner who knows all the ins and outs of building garden centres in Scandinavia? Send us an e-mail to arrange a personal meeting at the Elmia (f.breugem@thermoflor.com).

Thermoflor is working on plenty of new projects

Follow the building developments of other garden centres via our website or social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube).


Intratuin Duiven:              The greater part of this branch has meanwhile been completed. This autumn we’re going to transform the existing greenhouses into a catering facility.

Gardest:                                 Estland is about to acquire another garden centre. This autumn we are going to build a shop with an area of 6,000 m2 in Tartu, 250 km from the capital Tallin.

Intratuin Winschoten:   This autumn this Intratuin branch in the very north of the Netherlands will be opening its expanded heated greenhouse and restaurant.

Pfeifer:                                  This summer we are building a commercial nursery with an area of 4,000 m2 in Erfurt – an attractive wide-span greenhouse in this German university town.

Intratuin Breda:               A new entrance measuring 1,200 m2 will open its doors this autumn. A successful design by the Breddels firm of architects.


Intratuin Deventer:        Preparations are now well under way for the construction of this impressive garden centre in the ancient Dutch town of Deventer. Watch this space! The garden centre is scheduled to open its doors in the spring of 2019.




Hype in garden centres all over the world: carnivorous plants for dealing with mosquitos

By chance the Dutchman Chris van der Velde discovered a carnivorous plant that attracts and devours mosquitos and fruit flies. This has led to tremendous orders for the plants from garden centres all over the world.

The carnivorous plants grow in a terrarium with a lamp that attracts the insects. The combination of the Venus flytrap Dionaea muscipula, Sarracenia and Cobra lily has been found to be most effective. Watch an interview with the person behind this new trend: https://youtu.be/Nv12fZuEz5M.

Thermoflor: work in progress in 2017

In 2017 we will once again be guaranteeing the design and construction of modern, creative garden centres. You are most welcome to come along to take a look at our building work or to attend the opening of any of the following garden centres:

Doubling of retail area at Intratuin Duiven (NL)         

The Nusselder brothers of the Duiven branch of the Intratuin chain of garden centres have asked us to help them take a major step forward in the expansion of their shop to enable them to present all their product groups in a better way all the year round. This year, the retail area of Intratuin Duiven is going to grow from its present 16,000 m2 divided over two floors and an outdoor area to a total of 24,000 m2. This will create more room for such articles as outdoor plants, pottery and the successful Christmasworld.

All the groups of articles will be updated following the expansion. The brothers have closely studied the various articles’ sales figures and the most effective layout for them. One result of this is that the pet department will now be doubled in size. In view of the large area – customers will soon be walking almost one kilometre through the new shop – an extra catering facility will be included along the route.

The layout of the outdoor section is also going to change. The unheated department will be expanded with ‘multi-ventilation greenhouses’ (greenhouses with extra ventilation windows) to ensure an optimum climate all the year round. And an extra 2,000 m2 will be built onto the warehouse to create more storage room. The carpark will be made more customer-friendly with more parking places (1,000) that are situated much closer to the entrance than in the previous situation. The nearby Plaza Graafstaete shopping centre will also benefit from this.

We will be completing the 1st phase of this large-scale expansion this October. That will be followed by a 2nd phase lasting until the spring of 2018, which will focus on expanding the catering and leisure activities.


Contemporary flagship store for Hageland garden centre in the Norwegian town of Karmoy

At the end of November 2016 Thermoflor started work on the new build of garden centre Hageland in Karmoy. This new branch, with an area of 2,800 m2, now is the new eyecatcher of the Norwegian Hageland chain of garden centres. The building’s front wall features the colours of the Hageland house style and the characteristic arched entrance.

The garden centre comprises a heated and an unheated greenhouse and an outdoor retail area. The centre’s manager Ola Apeland: “An Open Sky roof with an area of 500 m2 is be installed over part of the outdoor retail area for plants. On sunny days both the roof and the side walls of this outdoor area will be open. The roof and walls automatically close if it starts to rain or if it gets very windy.“ The Karmoy branch opened its doors in April 2017.

Hageland Karmoy


Smart combination with entertainment activities at Wilson’s garden centre in Saskatoon, Canada

The new Destination Garden Centre of the Wilson brothers in the Canadian town of Saskatoon will be twice the size of their present shop, around 12,000 m2. The brothers wanted to be certain of working with the best specialists in retail design, and that brought them to a combination of the British HPW Architects (design) and the Dutch garden centre specialist Thermoflor (production and construction).

The new garden centre will be built 200 metres from the present one, and will form part of a large new retail and leisure centre that will also include a restaurant, a gym and various other shops.

The present shop will remain in business until the new garden centre’s opening early this summer. A smart combination with entertainment activities will make it possible to make the most of the building all the year round: part of the greenhouse area will be emptied for a few months a year to create room for an indoor go kart circuit.


Refurbishment of the IJsselstein and Leidsche Rijn Intratuin branches (NL)

A larger retail area and extra storage capacity – they were the reasons for the refurbishment of two Intratuin branches.

Last October we started to build an extension measuring 1,100 m² for the Leidsche Rijn branch of the Intratuin chain of garden centres. The first to be refurbished was the unheated greenhouse. In January we then expanded the heated greenhouses and added a warehouse with an extra floor onto it to create extra storage capacity. We have also expanded the Intratuin branch at IJsselstein. Here we have built a new retail area of 1,000 m2. The heated and unheated greenhouses have both been enlarged with a new roof to create a lot of extra room for the various product groups. We carried out the work in phases, enlarging the heated greenhouse first and then starting work on the unheated greenhouse. Intratuin IJsselstein now has a total floor area of 8,000 m2.


Intratuin Leidsche Rijn 


Work has begun on the Waterdrinker Green Trade Center in Aalsmeer (NL)

Waterdrinker in the Dutch town of Aalsmeer has given the go-ahead for the construction of a Green Trade Center, to be completed by the end of this year. The Green Trade Center will be Waterdrinker’s flagship, in which it is going to meet the requirements of its European customers together with its suppliers. The building, with a total area of 25,000 m2, will comprise cold rooms, heated and unheated greenhouses, departments for hardware and accessories and an Inspiration & Knowledge House. Under the supervision of the contractor Boele &van Eesteren (a subsidiary of Volker Wessels), Thermoflor is going to build the greenhouse complex, which will comprise wide-span greenhouses with an area of 17,000 m2 executed with modern use of colours and integrated sunscreens.


This trade centre based on the shop-in-shop principle will be a one-stop-shopping experience for buyers and suppliers of green products all over Europe. A pioneering and inspiring place where retailers and suppliers of flowers, plants and accessories can meet one another, and above all a centre where you’ll find everything you need to tempt consumers to buy more flowers and plants. This is the principle behind the Green Trade Center: “to join forces to bring consumers happiness and health.”





How garden centres generate more turnover ‘from outdoors to indoors’ with the new outdoor experience: Open Sky

Your shop is ever more becoming a place that people visit to meet one another, shop and be entertained.  Such a formula offers plenty of turnover opportunities, with the UK being the leader in this respect, with garden centres that owe 30% of their turnover to catering while special events generate extra income. This way a garden centre acquires other public functions besides its retail function, raising the question how the available space can be exploited as efficiently as possible.


Thermoflor can now answer this question with its unique Open Sky solution, offering the possibility of alternating indoor and outdoor activities. We create light, welcoming areas of which both the roofs and the walls (Skywalls) automatically open to allow daylight and fresh air to flow naturally into the building. Such areas can be used in a multifunctional way – as a playing area for children, a farm shop, an outdoor patio for your catering facility or an orangery, or for the presentation of pet and flower shows, etc. And if the weather should deteriorate you can turn the entire outdoor area into an indoor area within 5 minutes. Customers enjoy the advantages of being outdoors in summer and the advantages of shelter in winter, encouraging them to spend more time at the garden centre, and also spend more money.


How your garden centre could also benefit from the five advantages of an Open Sky solution: iconen-open-sky-en-sky-wall-tuincentrum

  1. Maximum use and usability of the available space: new possibilities of welcoming more customers and generating more turnover. The available space can be multifunctionally used for all kinds of purposes.
  2. Ideal climate conditions: opening the roof creates natural ventilation. When the roof is closed the indoor climate is controlled in the same way as usual in your existing building. You will still be able to ventilate your garden centre if it’s raining and the roof can be insulated in different ways.
  3. Lengthens the season: the possibility of closing the roof and walls enables you to prolong the summer season into autumn and winter. The things you do outdoors in summer can be done indoors in winter.
  4. Makes your building and its look more professional: the Open Sky’s high-quality structure and finish give your building a professional look: there are no visible rack-and-pinion gears or loose vent sashes and the motor drive is integrated in the structure. You can choose from various differently shaped trusses that can be colour-coated. So all in all a showpiece to impress your customers.
  5. Return on investment: the different possibilities of increasing your turnover will enable you to earn back your investment quickly. The structure will moreover last for a long time and require little maintenance.


Are you ready to generate more turnover ‘from outdoors to indoors’?  We will gladly get together with you to discuss how your garden centre could benefit from Open Sky.

Call us on +31 (0)174 29 06 06 or send an email to Ben Boon or Ferry Breugem to plan your meeting:

Ben Boon: b.boon@thermoflor.com

Ferry Breugem: f.breugem@thermoflor.com