Christmas shows at garden centres attracting ever larger audiences

Christmas markets are facing serious competition from garden centres in the battle to win customers’ attention (and money). Over the last few years garden centres have provided increasingly large-scale, professional experiences that give customers a great day out.

This year Leurs garden centre in Venlo was able to use its 4,000 m2 of new space to greatly expand its range of Christmas items. Not only does it have a very large range of items, it also boasts a Christmas show that is stylishly decorated with Christmas lights swirling around the new arched frames and a real ‘room’ in the middle of the route. You can see a movie of the Christmas show here.


The extension uses an anthracite coated structure, transparent plates along the northern side, black sunscreens and curved frames, and has an eaves height of six metres. In addition to having more space for all its article ranges, the garden centre now has a larger area for storage and logistics. Something that was absolutely necessary given the large numbers of visitors to the garden centre.





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