Four creative ways of attracting customers 

Deserted streets and boarded-up shops: the greatest nightmare of retailers and consumers. They are blamed on the economic crisis, the Internet, municipal policies or all three. Shops must make more effort to attract customers’ attention, says the German EHI Retail Institute. “Shop owners must become more creative”. But how? 

  1. Your premises are of course a key factor in this respect. Give your shop a distinctive ‘signature’, for example by including relaxation areas with free wifi or free childminding.
  2. In the event of new build, carefully consider such aspects as the incidence of daylight and the use of colours and materials. A building often has a much greater influence on customers’ state of mind than you may think.
  3. Focus on service and break routine: offer your customers unexpected extras such as a gardening workshop, a fresh produce market or a ‘personal butler’, as at this Canadian garden centre:
  4. Enhance your shop with art to raise its standard and make it more attractive. Art exhibitions are increasingly often being organised in shopping centres all over the world, such as here in Paris:


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