Launching of drive-in garden centre

Longacres in the south of the UK is the first garden centre to offer its customers an automatic Drive-In Click & Collect service.

This system is Longacres’ response to two developments:

  1. the increasing popularity of webrooming*: researching items online and then buying or ordering them from a physical shop, and
  2. consumers’ growing need for convenience and efficiency.

Longacres has now introduced a special drive-in with parking facilities that reduces the check-in time for collecting orders to only 9 seconds! The carpark also has outdoor touchscreens via which items can be purchased. Shoppers can order compost or large garden articles in real time and they will then be immediately delivered to the carpark.

Mike Ainley, e-commerce manager at Longacres, is very satisfied and hopes to be able to offer his customers the garden centre’s entire range in this way in the future. Supplier Collectec would like to roll out the system to more garden centres. “We offer retailers an efficient solution that saves a lot of costs and rewards their customers with fast, simple and user-friendly service.”

Longacres created this service in response to recent findings of GfK Future Buy relating to changing shopper attitudes and behaviours. The research revealed the growing popularity of ‘webrooming’ in the purchase of products for in and around the home. Almost 60% of consumers now do such researching online, whereas that was still less than 20% last year.

Future Buy also found that buying items via physical shops is still moderately more popular than ordering them online. Read more about Future Buy’s research via the following link


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