The garden centre as a start-up

As an entrepreneur where do you start if you want to develop a new garden centre? Thermoflor gives you a helping hand.


In various European countries the garden centre market is not yet as mature as, for example, in The Netherlands or England. Start-up entrepreneurs sometimes do not know where to begin: what are the dos and, above all, what are the don’ts? This was the case for entrepreneur Raul Jeets from Estland. He came to the right place when he approached Thermoflor, and he was put in contact with sector specialists so that he could get off to a flying start. In spring 2018 he will be opening his brand-new business Gardest, and he has done all the necessary preparation on all fronts in the following areas:

  • market research
  • design of the building
  • layout advice
  • product purchasing
  • management training


In our next newsletter you can read an interview with the entrepreneur. What did he think of the collaboration?


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