Thermoflor: work in progress

After the summer we are going to start work on an impressive retail centre in the Canadian town of Saskatoon together with the British HPW Architects (more info here). In the Netherlands, we are going to expand the IJsselstein branch of the Intratuin chain of garden centres with an area of 1000 m2 covered by two new roofs (click for more info). And this summer we are also going to do some refurbishment work for Ranzijn tuin & dier in Almere.

Earlier this year, various garden centres have already opened their doors to the public, such as Wolters (the Netherlands) and Hageland Voss (Norway). We also refurbished two shops taken over by Ranzijn tuin & dier to bring them into line with that chain’s house style.

The following official openings are scheduled in the UK and the Netherlands later this year:

August Rosebourne Andover , UK
September Klondyke Leeds, UK
November Tuincentrum Leurs, Venlo, NL
December Ranzijn tuin&dier, Leiderdorp NL


The new building of garden centre Wolters 


Opening Hageland Voss in Norway

Opening Hageland Voss

The renovated Ranzijn tuin & dier in Nieuw-Vennep




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